About Us

literature about who we are, what we value, and where we came from


Our Story

Originating out of Houston, Texas. Yoyo’s Hotdogs isn’t just about selling hot dogs, we're about making a statement over the importance of small businesses and hand crafted experiences throughout your city. Initially, we had wanted to create a product that was universally cherished but ultimately misunderstood, and we wanted to put a spin on it to make it our own. Ergo the beloved hotdog — and because Yoyo himself only eats beef, they’re 100% all-beef hotdogs!

The family owned and operated food cart was established in 2010, serving the local community in Fox Hollow, and then later moving itself to Rice Village (where many of you still come see us today). With plans of growing outward as we continue on this journey together.

After spending a decade researching and refining the perfect composition of an unforgettable hotdog, we’ve nailed down the quality. Gauging on how people look up to, respect, and admire what we’ve built satisfies that sense of community. And our decision to only ever serve ONE menu item; because we believe in it that passionately, grants us the level of simplicity we were pursuing.

At the end of the day, we love interacting with our customers, and each new member of the community feels like family … but Yoyo’s will always be Houston’s Original!